These instructions may vary slightly depending on the device, operating system and browser you are using.  Please use Chrome or Firefox to guarantee the symbols you make or adapt can be saved in .png, .jpeg or .pdf formats.   At present Internet Explorer and Edge do not allow the adapted symbol to be saved but this may change in the future (March 2016).

Please also remember you are working online so when you add items to the canvas you will be doing so in layers – the first symbol uploaded will be behind the next symbol you add and so on. It is possible to delete symbols but if you put a large one in front of another you will need to resize it if it covers the original one and at present you cannot highlight it and send it back behind another or vice versa.

upload imageStep One

Upload an image by selecting the ‘Upload Image’ button

(You can also add extra symbols on top of the symbol you’ve already uploaded at any time but be aware that if you want to alter the size or shape of any image that is under another you need to move the one you last uploaded or added to the canvas.)

resize imageStep Two

After uploading your image, edit your image by selecting the image to re-size or rotate

(You will see blue outline markings and can use the mouse/touch screen mode to stretch or reduce images.  It is also possible to use keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+C [copy], Ctrl+V[Paste], Del [Delete whilst the image is selected)

Step Three

Add extra symbols to your requirements and move it by using click/tap, hold and drag if you are using a mouse.

(If you are using a keyboard, select a symbol and use the arrow keys to move the symbol)

add text

Step Four

To add a text box, you must have text in the field presented and a chosen font – Type in the word or phrase, select a font and select enter) The text will appear on the canvas and can be moved to any position.

(Tip: If you are using a mouse or touch screen you can change the text by double clicking/tapping on the text once it is positioned on the canvas)

Step Five

Change the background colour or border colour using the colour pickers which are situated below the canvas

(Select the colour change you want – background or border, choose a colour by putting the mouse pointer or touching the screen in the left hand colour area – then select the button ‘choose’ and you will see the result on the canvas)

save imageStep Six

To save a symbol, select the ‘Save Symbol’ button. This may open a new tab with the image.
To save the image to your computer, right click on the mouse or hold your tap on the image and select’Save Image As..’

Step Seven

The ‘Save’ window will appear and the last task is to name the file and put it in a chosen folder.  When you decide to save a new symbol it will wipe the canvas in the process, so you will have to go back to Step One if you find you have made a mistake!
saved image